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Who We Are

Aquaholics Special Surfers is a lot of things.
We are a community. We are several communities.

Aquaholics Special Surfers are Superkids.

Kids and young (and some mature) adults with Special Needs. Often these are people who, in their everyday lives struggle to feel like they fit, like the world has a place for them. When they come for an evening of fun at the beach, it’s all about them. We have no rules, no expectations. We want them to have fun. That’s it. Some of these kids and young adults lead pretty structured and even humdrum lives. Many of their parents dream of enjoying watching their child excel at things average people take for granted. When they come to Special Surfers Night, they watch their children shine. We are families of special needs children and young adults who love to experience things in life that bring joy and excitement.

Aquaholics Special Surfers are Heroes.

Volunteers who generously share their time in the short summer months to share a few hours of extreme stoke with these great kids. For most of us, this is one of the most rewarding experiences of our year and the buzz we get from it lasts for days. We eagerly anticipate the next event. Once a Hero, always a Hero. Once you come and share this amazing event, you’re hooked.

We are surfers and lovers of good feelings. The good feelings we get from sharing our love for the ocean, our love for people and our appreciation for the good in life.

We are community members who want to give of our time to enjoy sharing the special people we meet while helping these kids, adults and their families excel and feel a great sense of accomplishment.

We are people in the periphery who help those volunteers on the “front line” and their Special friends enjoy a stress free and exciting evening of fun at the beach. We are volunteers with busy schedules who make time because we enjoy this night so much!

From town employees who help us with logistics, the dog monitors who take care to ensure the beach is relaxing for Special Surfers who might be afraid to the homeowners who are unfazed when they are inundated with traffic and cars, the friends with trucks and trailers, the volunteers who show up early to help set up and stay late to undo it all, and all the wonderful and generous surfers and sidekicks. To all the families who don’t often see their Special people succeed and beam, you are all heroes.

Many fully able people take a lot of things for granted. Those of us who have full lives with many opportunities find great joy in sharing a few hours of our time to show how fun life can be, no matter what physical or emotional limits our Special friends experience in their daily lives.

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